Private Training

Individual Training And Nutrition Counsel Wherever You Want It


We work with our individual and small group clients to build highly personalized fitness programs and nutrition strategies, and then we deliver their training sessions at a location of their choosing. Whether it is a workout at your home while your child naps, a visit to your office during your lunch break, a training session in a park or at the beach, we make your fitness program effective, accessible, and fun. We even work with many of our clients virtually via Skype or FaceTime. Your gym or studio is always wherever you want it to be. Working out and staying healthy should be something you are always excited to do. Finding the time to get to a gym or a studio should never get in the way.

Your overall health and wellness is always our goal, so we are available to coordinate your fitness program with other health and wellness advisors (family physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, masseuse, acupuncturist, spiritual advisor, herbalist, etc.). We will even work with other fitness instructors and coaches. And, if you need help finding another health advisor, we can refer you to someone in our network or help you find the right provider elsewhere.